How much should a 2 week trip to Japan cost for two people?


Like comprehensive… including food, transportation, plane tickets, hotels, spending money etc etc

I’m doing a little math myself and it keeps coming up to about 10,000 with one week guided tour of south Japan and plane tickets. Does that seem right?

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From experience there is no set amount as it is specific to each person. 10,000 (i assume dollars?) which would equate as 5k person for two weeks is possible but will be tight as you will be restricted in the things you do for example. Add an extra in the kitty to act as a backup should you guys need it. Also have some credit cards which can also act as a backup


go to priceline and name your own price and go from there

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In business class I spend about $ 15,000 US for 1 person for everything and two weeks on the ground. Hotels would be shared so I’d guess $ 25,000 for two people.

In economy class it might be $ 1500×2 (plane) + $ 4200 ($ 300 x 14 day hotels and meals) + $ 1400 ($ 100/day expenses) + whatever other transportation you will need. So, $ 10,000 should cover it.


Air fare: You need $ 1000-1500 if you are departing from US

Hotel: Usually, you need $ 120 per night if you want to stay at a hotel.
If you want to save money, you need to stay at a hostel which will cost $ 40-60 per night.
If you want to stay at a luxury hotel, you need $ 250-300 or more.

Food, transportation and others: You need $ 60-120 or so per day. If you want to enjoy shopping, you need more.

So you need $ 120 for hotel and $ 90 for others per day. If you want to stay in Japan for 2 weeks, the total cost will be $ 2940.


$ 1200-1500 each for economy airfare. Double occupancy business hotel $ 180/night. Other stuff varies. I generally say at least 5000 yen/day for meals and that’s close. Another 5000 yen/day for traveling around, sightseeing. But these last two items can vary widely. Tours can easily run you $ 200 or so each. What is included varies widely.

So, I’d say a minimum of $ 6K without the tours, but I would come with more than that, say $ 7K and a credit card. And keep in mind the above figure does not include tours.

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Holy shit! I can’t believe how much some people have quoted. Stuff in Japan is expensive, but not that expensive. Lmao, someone said $ 25,000 for two people! Christ! I would say $ 6,000 for two people if you’re smart. And I have NEVER paid over $ 900 USD for a roundtrip ticket to/from Japan. That could be because I’m from the west coast, though. If you want to go “all out” then you’d need more and $ 10,000 doesn’t sound too crazy, although you can have a really nice trip and not miss out on anything for much less.

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Airfare from the US is usually around USD$ 1200-$ 1500 depending on the port of departure and the time of the year..

A regular hotel will set you back about USD$ 100 a night for a single room or USD$ 150 for a double. Try a Business Hotel for a good compromise with prices around USD$ 70 for a single room and USD$ 100 for a double. I recommend the Toyoko Inn hotel chain located all over Japan.

Prices at regular Japanese restaurants are usually USD$ 8-$ 15 a meal, but food can cost you about USD$ 5-8 a meal if you eat at budget Japanese restaurants like Yoshinoya, Sukiya, and CoCo Ichiban Curry House.

I would say about USD$ 80-100 a day is possible done on a budget.


if youre in the US, the price of tickets for 2 people is about $ 3500 economy class.

transportation if you take public trans. will be about a little over $ 100. (i remembered bus rides were around 200-400 yen and trains and subways were 500 yen…but i dont know how it is now.)

hotels are expensive there since Japan has lack of space. if youre planning to live around Tokyo (which is really expensive), its around $ 1000+/- for 2 weeks. outside of Tokyo is cheaper.

spending money…bring about $ 1000+ cause Japanese stuff are EXPENSIVE. not just Japanese stuff, but Western stuff as well. McDonalds hamburger alone was like $ 6 x_x…and the same jacket i wore that was also sold in Japan was $ 20 more. $ 1000 would be good if youre planning to buy regular clothing and small gifts. if you plan to buy Japanese/Asian/Western designer stuff or traditional Japanese trinkets, you better bring more.

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