Hi could anyone tell me how much spending money I need for myself and three adult children to go to Japan?


We are going to Osaka, Hiroshima, Mt Fuji and Tokoyo. Our flights and accomodation are paid for and we are staying for 10 days. I would like reasonably healthy meals and to do some sight seeing perhaps a tour or two. The kids would probably like to go to a nightclub and a few nice souvenirs for ourselves and family.




Japan is expensive. I would recommend $ 100 per day per person as a minimum.


If you eat like tourists it will probably cost you more than $ 100/day per person – like the steakhouse that Bill Clinton likes in Osaka is around $ 200 per meal… but if you eat like the locals who are on a budget you can easily do $ 100/day per person or you can do much better than that…do some research on that before you go if you need to budget …check out the lower floors of department stores like SOGO, look for street vendors of Ramen or the like, there are always cheapie places close to train stations to eat – there are a few chains like “Jolly Pasta” where you can get salads and pasta for reasonable prices – look for “obento” for lunches at obento shops near train stations or go into any Lawson’s or 7-11 – there are also obento carts on the trains if you are traveling by train between the cities you mentions…”kisaten” or a “coffee shop” is a good place to eat a meal that is reasonably priced even for dinner…Hiroshima or Osaka would be the best places to “splurge” on nicer dinners as they are cheaper than Tokyo and Mt Fuji areas…there are also very different cuisines – the east side of the island is more “miso” flavour and the west is more “salty” flavour

night clubs can be very expensive if you do not know where to go – up to and above $ 500 to get in. A great place for souvenirs are the temple flea markets. Check out the links below for info on places to go, eat and flea markets etc:

Too bad you accommodation is already booked as there are traditional Japanese Inns that include Breakfast & dinner for great prices

Good Luck! & have a great time! :)

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