How do I go from Hiroshima to Narita airport when I have never traveled alone in Japan?


My friend and I will be ending a tour in Hiroshima and need to fly back to US from Narita Airport.



Madame M

Choose a budget.

Go to the JR Hyperdia website, and find out how much a train ticket from Hiroshima to Narita is — it’ll include the changes.

Go to the train station and ask the nice information lady about a bus from Hiroshima to Tokyo, and then the Limousine bus from Tokyo to Narita.

Readjust your budget if necessary.


Buy tickets.

Get on the train or bus.

Get off at the proper places.

Arrive safely.


I think it’s better to take a flight from Hiroshima Airport to Narita if you feel insecure in using Japanese transportation. You do not have to change a train and can fly to Narita directly.

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