What is the price of lolita clothes in japan?

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I wear lolita, and I know it is very expensive. The cheapest, and worst quality stuff is online. I live in california, so whenever I can I go to the Baby The stars shine bright store in san francisco.
I am going to Japan this school year for a field trip, and obviously I am bringing a thousand or so maybe for shopping.
Are the lolita clothes cheaper in japan, where they are made?


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Actually, not all cheap quality items are found online. Many brand named and independant companies create and sell lolita items through the internet. What really matters is WHERE you’re shopping at, as well as what items would be of good quality. Take Bodyline for example, some of their items are very much miss: cheap lace, wonky cuts, too maid looking; yet some of their items are made of decent quality and actually make it to the list of what fits the lolita standard. Not all things on eBay are horrible.

I’ve personally never been able to set foot in Japan (ah, but I was lucky to make a flight pit spot at Narita Airport *-*), but my friend Kara and her friend Shannon went to Japan last November, and although the prices are still pretty high, they were actually able to buy many items for a steal in person. For example, a jumper skirt from Angelic Pretty would normally cost 200USD plus shipping, but at the store, it might be on clearance for 60USD.

This isn’t the case for everywhere though. When I visited the Baby store in Paris, I shelled 181 EUR for a skirt. Aside of the Euro being stronger than the Yen, overseas shops are going to charge more to cover costs owed to the company to keep the store running and supplies full (if you get to visit NYC and shop at Tokyo Rebel, this will be the case, even if the clothes are new with tags).

Although I’d probably get crazy about shopping for countless of lolita clothes that’ll be cheaper in Japan, I’d still try to keep a budget since you are traveling. Make sure you have enough for transportation, food, touring fees (like museums and shrines), and maybe for wherever you’re staying at if that isn’t already taken care of. When it comes to shopping, know what you need to buy before you go off blowing your money (so yes, do make a shopping list, and then when you got what you need, and have enough money, you could then splurge on a little something special). Personally, I would at least have 200USD for shopping

If you really want to make your money’s worth, aside of visiting the actual stores, check out Closet Child. If you haven’t known already, it’s a second hand shop made for only lolita clothes (and maybe a few goth/punk brands like Putumayo and H.Naoto).

Have a lot of fun in Japan!

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