Are there any educational-groups that would take high school students on a trip to Japan?


My friends and I would love to go to Japan , and i’ve been searching a lot , i can’t find any educational groups that would take high school students on a Japanese study trip. My school doesn’t offer Japanese classes so there is no way i could do it through my school.



Madame M

I’m imagining what an insurance nightmare it would be for a tour group to take a bunch of high school students they don’t know well to Japan. OMG.

I’m sure you are all good kids, so what you do is find an adult — in your school or amongst your parents — who would be willing to chaperone you guys to Japan.

Show how responsible you are by creating an educational (and fun!) plan that includes seeing the major sites of Japan.

Show off your math skills by creating a budget for the trip.

And, figure out how you are going to finance the trip. If you have an adult sponsor, there’s a better chance of getting the community involved in your trip.

Some organizations in your town may also want to help you. Try the Lion’s Club or the Soroptimists. Your school guidance counsellor may be able to give you some guidance about fund-raising and possibly help your school create a program.


There is no way that you can get a free trip to Japan. Whatever trip it is, you have to pay it.

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